Redesign Priorities

The website redesign project was guided by five key priorities. These priorities emerged from research conducted by Stamats (Summer 2008), The Image Group (Spring 2009) and other reports.

  1. Improve search engine

    What's been done: The search function has been categorized, allowing users to search specific areas of the SVSU website. In addition, items such as Student Happenings  that occurred prior to the current school year will be found in the Archives section.

    Web Communications has also worked with ITS to identify more relevant search results with identified "Featured Links." These "Featured Links" use a combination of key words to navigate users to the most likely page. This is a continuous process of adding and improving the search feature.
  2. Improve navigation

    What's been done:  Users come to a website with a task in mind. Perhaps most important during our research was identifying the common tasks and pieces of information for each user group. The new navigation is task centered, designed to help all users find the information they need, quickly and easily.
  3. Remove outdated information

    What's been done: Outdated information was appearing as broken links and cluttering search results. A maintenance practice has been established, moving items older than the current school year to an "archives" section of the website.
  4. Create design appeal

    What's been done: The redesign has a clean and professional while making it more user friendly.
  5. Include marketing enhancements

    What's been done: The Stamats research and our focus group feedback indicated the current website does not convey the “spirit of SVSU” in terms of the helpful people, students and beautiful facilities. The new design incorporates use of photos and video to highlight facilities, people and current events.