SVSU Website Redesign

The University launched a new Website Friday, October 9.  Along with a new look and improved search engine, the most noticeable change is the navigation structure.  The navigation incorporates a more functional approach to enable users to locate information in a more timely and effective manner.  

A consultant and the use of various focus groups of faculty, staff and students provided the framework for an improved Website.  Additional focus groups were conducted this summer to "try out" the new Website and their comments were used to make several improvements.  Once the new Website is operational we will conduct additional focus groups later this Fall Semester to evaluate and enhance its ability to serve you.

Highlights of the new Website include:

Light and Open Homepage

Like any website, the homepage says a lot about who we are. The new homepage design is light and open, and uses a rotating picture gallery to capture the spirit of SVSU at any given moment. The new design uses more natural tones that compliment the official SVSU colors. Official colors are still used, but more as accent colors. A key component of the homepage are the navigation menus, created to help users find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Expanded Quicklinks

This will likely become a favorite. The Quicklinks menu has been expanded to include some of the most commonly accessed areas on campus and within the website. From the familiar “quicklinks” to the Library to adding Declining Balance dollars, it’s here!

Resource Pages

Designed with a specific user in mind. Resource pages are organized by topic or tasks, and provide links to various services and offices on campus. Resource pages are designed for current students, prospective students, staff, faculty and alumni (pictured are examples of the faculty and current student resources pages).