Course: Learn-to-Swim Level 6: Lifeguard Readiness



Course Code: 34906L


  • To refine strokes so students swim them with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances.

  • To introduce and practice the skills required to successfully complete the precourse session of theAmerican Red Cross Lifeguard Training course.



  • American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 5: Fundamental Aquatic Skills certificate or demonstrate all completion requirements in Level 5.


Learning Objectives

  • Increase endurance while performing the following strokes:
    -- Front crawl -- 100 yards
    -- Back crawl -- 100 yards
    -- Butterfly -- 50 yards
    -- Elementary backstroke -- 50 yards
    -- Breaststroke -- 50 yards
    -- Sidestroke - 50 yards

  • Demonstrate the following turns while swimming:
    -- Front crawl open turn
    -- Backstroke open turn
    -- Sidestroke opent urn
    -- Front flip turn
    -- Backstroke flip
    -- Butterfly Turn
    -- Breaststroke Turn

  • Submerge to a minimum depth of 7 feet using the following techniques:
    -- Feet-first surface dive
    -- Pike surface dive
    -- Tuck surface dive

  • Tread water (5 minutes)

  • Tread water, kicking only in deep water ( 2 minutes)

  • Compact jump into the water from a height with rescue tube

  • Swim using a front crawl stroke with the rescue tube trailing (25 yards)

  • Swim using a breaststroke with the rescue tube trailing (25 yards)

  • Perform a feet-first surface dive and retrieve and object from a depth of 7 to 10 feet

  • Swim on back holdin an object and keeping face out of the water

  • Demonstrate the following rescue techniques
    -- Wading assists with equipment
    -- Walking assist
    -- Beach drag
    -- Hip and sholder support
    -- Head splint
    -- Using a backboard
    -- Two person removal from the water.



  • No minimum number of hours suggested



  • Currently authorized Water Safety (r.04) instructor. 


Certification Requirements

  • 1. Swim 500 yards continuously using strokes in the following order: front crawl, 100 yards; back crawl 100 yards, breaststroke, 50 yards; elementary backstroke, 50 yards; sidestroke, 50 yards; butterfly, 50 yards; and choice of stroke 100 yards.

  • 2. Swim 20 yards using a front crawl or breaststroke to a depth of 7 to 10 feet, retrieve a 10-pound object, return to the surface and swim 20 yards on the back or side to the starting point with object (Student must hold object with both hands and keep his or her face out of the water.)


Certificate Issued and Validity Period

  • Learn-to-Swim Level 6: Lifeguard Readiness


Participant Materials

  • American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Manual ( StayWell Stock No. 651300) ( Recommended but not required.)