Registering and Maintaining Information for Emergency Notifications

Learn how to register to receive text and voice emergency notifications from SVSU and also how to modify your contact information in the future. Participation in this program is voluntary. The following members of the SVSU community are eligible to participate:

  • Adjunct faculty
  • Employees (including employees of ARAMARK and Barnes & Noble)
  • Faculty
  • Students


  1. Access the online registration page
  2. Login using your SVSU Username and Password and select "New User" option.
  3. Enter the Optional Information
    • Building
    • Cell Phone Number (This will also be used for text messages, see Maintenance #5 below for options)
    • Landline 1 & Landline 2
    • Registered Through (Students only, please enter your expected date of completion.)
    • Desire to receive weather related campus closure notifications

All phone numbers need to be entered without parentheses or dashes. Be sure to include the area code. Example: 9899644000 . The two landlines may be used to enroll any land based telephone, including that of a parent or guardian.

Participants will receive periodic test messages. Depending on the individual service plan, the message recipient may be charged for incoming messages by their cellular service provider.


  1. Access the online registration page
  2. Login using your SVSU Username and Password and select "Update Information" option.
  3. A new screen is displayed with two menu options in the upper left part of the screen below the LOGOUT button.
  4. Click on the SETUP button, directly below the LOGOUT button to enter your profile where you can modify your personal contact information.
  5. The "Your Profile" section is subdivided into five tabs at the top of the page.
    • General - Changes to your contact devices are made in this section.
    • Address - Notification routing and preference information is stored in this section
    • Alternates, Locations and Topic Subscriptions - Not used by SVSU.
  6. "General" section instructions.
    • Please do not edit any information in the top section of the page above the "Login Access?" check box. Doing so will alter your user record and may cause future problems with logging in or receiving notifications.
    • Information for your contact devices are maintained in the bottom half of the page.
    • Each device is assigned a "device type". You may notice that the default device type does not appear to match the device you've entered into the system. For example: any landline numbers entered on the registration page will have a device type of "Work Phone". This is for classification purposes only and will not impact your ability to receive notifications. However, you are welcome to select a different device type from the drop down list to more accuratel reflect the device you have entered. The default device assignments are as follows.
      • Mobile phone and SMS (text messages) = Cell phone number
      • Work phone = Landline 1 and landline 2.
      • Home email = SVSU email address
    • Deleting a device - You may delete any device you have setup by simply clicking on the small trash can icon in the right hand margin of the line you wish to delete and clicking on Save at the bottom of the page. Click on Cancel if you do not wish to permanently delete the device.

      • The cell phone information entered on the registration page is copied to both the Mobile Phone and SMS devices. SMS is the acronym for Short Messaging Service, better known as "Text Messaging".
      • You will receive both cell phone and text messages (if enabled on your phone) by default.
      • Deleting the SMS device - will eliminate the text messaging capability. you will continue to receive cell phone notifications.
      • Deleting the Mobile Phone device - will eliminate the cell phone messaging capability, you will continue to receive text messages.
    • Changing a device - You may also change any device in your profile. The most common reason to change a device would be to record a new phone number or email address.

      • Select the address/number you wish to change and enter the correct information.
      • Change the device type if necessary.
      • Enter any desired information in the description field for personal reference. Note: The address/number entered on the registration page is also copied to the Description field. This field is not used by SVSU.
      • "Private" check box- Checking this box will omit your detailed information from administrative reports on notification activity.
      • Click on Save at the bottom of the page when your changes are complete.

    • Adding a device - You may add additional devices to you profile at any time.

      • Click on a blank line if available, otherwise click on More Devices at the bottom of the page.
      • Select the applicable device from the drop-down list.
      • Enter the address/number.
      • If desired, enter a brief description and check the "Private" box.
      • Click on Save at the bottom of the page when finished.
  7. "Address" section instructions
    • Three fields in the address section are used by SVSU. The fields are "Building", "Affiliation" and "Weather Related". Changing any of the identified fields may affect what notifications you receive in the future. Please read the information below for additional guidance.
    1. Building - This field is used to identify the user's primary location as SVSU Main Campus or SVSU Macomb Campus. This information is selected by the user at the time of registration.  Please contact the system administrator if you feel your information is incorrect.
    2. Affiliation - This field is used to identify users as faculty, staff, student or other. If your affiliation has changed since initially registering for the service, please contact the system administrator.
    3. Weather Related - This field is used to track if the user desires to receive notifications regarding weather related closures of campus. This preference is specified at the time of registration. Enter Yes or No in this field to change your preference and click Save at the bottom of the page when finished.
  8. Click on the logout button when you are finished making your changes. Note: The login page that is displayed upon logging out will not work with your SVSU username and password. If you need to login again during the same web browser session, you will need to revisit the SVSU online registration page and clear your web browser's cache prior to logging on.


Contact system administrator, Ron Portwine at (989) 964-2064 or

By Subcribing for Campus Alert, You Agree to the Following Terms:

  1. Your participation is voluntary, and may be terminated at any time by you or the University.
  2. You are responsible for the accuracy of your contact information, and to update that information with Campus Alert if it changes.
  3. The University assumes no legal liability if notice of an event or situation is not sent, or contains incorrect information, whether due to human error, equipment malfunction, or other circumstances.