One of the challenges in creating an online “manual” for communications is using word choices that make sense to the reader. To help in that process, the following glossary (listed alphabetically) provides definitions for terminology used throughout the Office of University Communications Web site:

Images or color that go all the to the edge of a page, leaving no margin. A bleed may extend off one or more sides of a page.

The promise that an organization makes to its key stakeholders. SVSU’s promise is that people here have opportunities to lead, create, build, and learn that they would not have otherwise or other places. They can become better people; they can have opportunities to do more, be more engaged and make a difference. Here, people come seeking their future.

In marketing terms, collateral refers to the supportive material. Example: Admissions produces the “Viewbook” to help recruit students and additional collateral includes posters and invitations to campus events.

Graphic Standards:
Consistent recommendations for the usage, size and placement of the SVSU logo, the seal, Cardinal athletic logo, colors, paper, fonts, stationery and department/college illustrative icons.

A symbol, sign, or representation of a college or department. Icons are similar to a logo, only more simplistic in that they do not have the SVSU signature within the design. Such identity icons might be illustrative symbols or a word mark, which is a custom-designed text element rather than an illustration.

Integrated Communications Plan:
Creating and maintaining all marketing, advertising, branding and sales strategies under a single vision and with a consistent appearance and message.

Internal/External Audience:
“Internal” refers to an audience or publication that is “on campus.” “The Interior” is a newsletter that primarily is sent to faculty and staff and, to a much lesser extent, to the outside public; it is an “internal” publication written for an “internal” audience. “External” refers to people off campus (general public, prospective students and families, donors and potential donors, alumni) and to the publication or material that is created to reach those off-campus audiences.

Key Messages:
The primary words, impressions or feelings we convey in our advertising and marketing.

A distinctive organizational signature, trademark or motto. Our logo is the SVSU block and the words "Saginaw Valley State University."

Pantone Inc., produces the universal color matching system for accurate communication of ink colors from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.

The public or primary groups an organization serves. SVSU’s primary external audiences are prospective students (and families), donors, alumni and the "general public” – potential visitors to campus for meetings, cultural events, banquets, etc.

Stationery System:
Printed items that include: the official SVSU letterhead, a matching SVSU envelope, business card, note card, and personalized memo pads.

A tagline is a slogan. A tagline is a short version of the brand promise. Our tagline, which fits our brand promise, is “Something More. Something Better.”

A model or a guide, which, in a communications context, would be used to create a publication, print ad, etc.

Word Mark:
Word or phrase designed using a special font rather than as an illustration.