Technical Tips


Place a photo, graphic, or logo in Microsoft Publisher:

Choose Insert > Picture > From File (then find your way to the document).

Resize a graphic or logo in Microsoft Publisher:

Newer versions of Publisher will automatically resize your graphics proportionately. Some earlier versions of Publisher may require you to hold down the shift key and use your mouse arrow to select and hold the corner of the graphic and pull out to enlarge or push in to shrink proportionately.

Note:If you accidently distort a photo or logo without keeping the correct proportions, you must delete it, and re-import the graphic and start again.

Setting a color scheme:

  • Format > Color Schemes
  • Click on “custom color scheme”
  • Click on “color” under “new category”
  • Select “more colors”
  • Choose the “Custom” option
  • Choose the “CMYK Color Model”
  • (for SVSU blue, type: 100, 67, 0, 23)
  • (for SVSU red, type: 0, 100, 79, 20)
  • When finished entering color codes, click “Save Scheme”

Note:Save your Color Scheme as “SVSU Colors” – this color scheme will be saved in your computer and be available for all Publisher documents on your computer

Need additional help or individual training with Microsoft Publisher?

The Instructional Technology Center (ITC) provides regular Microsoft Publisher training workshops. Visit the SVSU Training & Workshop Web site for a training calendar or contact the ITD lab (ext. 7471) for more information.

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Send a file to Perry Toyzan in the Graphics Center:

Do not email your files to the Graphics Center. Place them in the Q drive or J drive in the Graphics Center Folder.

How to find your Q and J drive:

  1. Click the start button
  2. Choose the option: Windows Explorer
  3. In the left window panel, click the plus sign (+) on “My Computer” (this will open up your network drives)
  4. Select the Data Q drive (or a J drive); either will work.
  5. Place your file, fonts and images all in one folder labeled with your project name in the Graphics Center folder.

How to properly collect your files for printing:

  • In Microsoft Publisher, choose File>Pack And Go.
  • This option compresses your file and will collect the fonts.
  • Be sure to choose the “Take to Commercial Printer” option when collecting your images.

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Visit the glossary for detailed definitions of terminology used on this page.