Graphic Marks: Cardinal


RTEmagicC_0f8dba02ab The Cardinal is the official mascot of Saginaw Valley State University. The Cardinal logo is used primarily by athletics, but is also available for use in non-academic communications that promote alumni and campus activities and are intended for current student and non-academic prospective student recruiting. Spirit-building communications, such as signs for campus events or athletic-based window decals, can feature the Cardinal logo and wordmarks.

The Cardinal is a licensed mark and should not be modified. Any use of it for commercial purposes must be approved by the University Communications trademark licensing coordinator at extension 7101.

The Cardinal must always face right and should not be shown upside down or tilted. The Cardinal’s original shape must also be preserved. The addition of rule lines, or distortion to any of the Cardinal's features, are not allowed. The Cardinal may be featured in one-color applications.


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