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This is a collage of three photos: male student explaining, female student presenting, male student presenting.


"Throughout the course of this research project a great deal was learned about conducting research. As a student interested in graduate studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering, this project has given me a strong foundation from which to build technical research skills." 
- Joshua Wilson, Mechanical Engineering Major, Mentored by Professor Thomas Mahank

"I still have not decided my long term career or anything but now that I have seen what it is like to do research work, I am definitely more likely to go to graduate school."
- Alejandro Arenas, History Major, Mentored by Professor George Corser

"Overall, this research project has been invaluable to my skill set as a science student and as someone who hopes to work in research as a career."
- Meagan McNinch-Stapish, Biochemistry Major, Mentored by Professor Cal Borden