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Master of Arts in Teaching - Middle Classroom Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) - Middle School Classroom Teaching degree (36-39 credits) is designed to consider how students age 10-14, during their transition to adolescence, influences instruction, curriculum, assessment, and classroom expectations. 
Students in this program explore:

  • research about emerging adolescents and how they learn
  • becoming skilled at implementing instructional strategies that encourage inquiry and self-direction
  • designing classroom climates that nurture social, emotional and intellectual development of middle-grade learners
  • shaping middle-level curriculum around thematic concepts
  • integrating reading and writing in content areas classrooms
  • implementing assessment procedures appropriate for middle grades

Middle Classroom Teaching Program Requirements


Benefits of a Middle Classroom Teaching Degree

Middle school teachers help students delve more deeply into subjects introduced in elementary school and expose them to more information about the world. Middle school teachers specialize in a specific subject, such as English, Spanish, mathematics, history, or biology. They also may teach subjects that are career oriented. Additional responsibilities of middle and secondary school teachers may include career guidance and job placement, as well as following up with students after graduation.

According to the Occupational Information Network ( ), there should be a projected growth through 2018 of 14-19% for middle school teachers, faster than average. The median wage for middle school teachers in 2008 was $49,700.

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