TheCARD is the official Saginaw Valley State University identification for students and employees and is utilized for a variety of purposes throughout campus. Below is a variety of the actions students can make with TheCARD. 

  • Accessing dining services meal and declining balance (DB) plans.
  • Reserving library materials at the Zahnow Library.
  • Entry into SVSU’s State-of-the-Art Ryder Center.
  • Purchasing goods and services on campus when established as a flex account, including purchases at the SVSU Bookstore and dining venues.
  • Accessing the main entrance of the First Year Suites, Living Centers and University Village efficiency buildings for student residents.
  • Accessing the academic buildings for faculty and staff when buildings are closed to the general public.

The Flex Account is an on-campus debit account that once funded by the cardholder can be used to make purchases at various on-campus locations.

Money can be added to the Flex Account via:


  • By accessing eAccounts and using a credit card 


  • Any Campus Dining service location
  • Campus Financial Services Center, Wickes 131-A

Flex Account funds can be used to make purchases at the SVSU Bookstore, Campus Dining locations, Campus Financial Services Center and University laundry facilities.

Funds placed on the Flex Account roll over from semester to semester and year to year. Declining Balance and Board Plans (meals) clear at the end of the winter semester.

No minimum balance is required to maintain a Flex Account. 

New freshmen and transfer students will be photographed for their SVSU I.D. during orientation. Freshmen living in on-campus housing will receive TheCARD at housing check-in. Freshman commuting will receive their printed I.D. card at FRESH START.  If you are not attending Fresh Start or living on campus you may pick up your I.D. card in the Campus Financial Service Center at Wickes 131-A. 

Faculty and staff can obtain their SVSU I.D., TheCARD, at the Campus Financial Services Center, Wickes 131-A.


Wickes Hall 131A
(989) 964-4900

Scholarships & Financial Aid
Wickes Hall 141
(989) 964-4900

Wickes Hall 151
(989) 964-4085