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March 2017 Student of the Month

Written by Alantae Christian

Carl Gardner is a third year student at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) majoring in both Finance and Economics and minoring in Accounting and Psychology. He attended high school at Traverse City High in Traverse City, Michigan. Carl had many reasons for choosing SVSU to further his education. One reason being his love for soccer; other than soccer SVSU had also offered him quite a bit of funding through scholarships. After arriving at SVSU, Carl decided against soccer and just wanted to focus on his academics.

Since his enrollment at SVSU, Carl has remained focused on his school work and is working towards achieving all of his goals. In five years, he sees himself on Wall Street in some capacity. He has a few different roles he would like to take on, but the majority would fall on Wall Street. Ideally, Carl also sees himself with with an MBA and/or CFA. 

There have been many things for Carl to experience here at SVSU. Although Carl cannot choose just one thing to claim as his best experience, he feels that coming to school blind, not knowing anyone, was one of the best decisions he has made so far. Going in blind has caused him to make some incredible friends, which he has created great memories with.

Not only has Carl enjoyed his time as an SVSU Cardinal, but a Public School Academy Scholar too. His best experience as a scholar would have to be transition camp. Even in junior year, he still feels as if transition camp was one of the most invaluable experiences and it helped his transition from high school to college tremendously.

If Carl could give a future Cardinal any advice, he would tell them to “make sure you get your academic stuff done, but don’t let it consume your life. Enjoy college, go out late at night, meet new people, you discover yourself and may even just make connections that will get you a job upon graduation. There’s obviously a balance, but make sure academics don’t consume your life in college, live a little and enjoy your time here.”

Carl Gardner

Carl Gardner