Grattan Academy (K-12)

Elementary (K-5)

12047 Old Belding Road
Belding, MI 48809


Phone: (616) 691-8999
Fax: (616) 691-9857
Administrator: Libby Kreiner

Enrollment:  101
Date Opened: September 1996
ISD: Ionia ISD
County: Ionia


Middle/High School (6-12)

9481 Jordan Road
Greenville, MI 48838


Phone: (616) 754-9360
Fax: (616) 754-9363
Administrator: Tom Kreiner

Enrollment:  199
Date Opened: September 2003
ISD: Ionia ISD
County: Ionia




"The Mission of Grattan Academy is to empower all children with the academic knowledge and skills required for success as students, workers, and citizens through an educational program focused on high academic standards, achievement-based promotion, exemplary citizenship, and tough accountability standards. The Michigan Core Curriculum Standards will serve as the minimum standards for program assessment."