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2017 - 2018 Faculty-Led Programs

We are now accepting applications for 2017-2018 Faculty-Led Programs! Select the program below to find out more information and to apply:

ALASKA (Nursing, Social Work, Youth Services): Spring 2018

CAYMAN ISLANDS (Biology): Spring 2018

ENGLAND (Nursing): Spring Break 2018

GHANA (Management and Sociology): Spring 2018

INDIA (College of Business and Management): Winter Break 2018

INDIA (Sociology): Summer 2018

ITALY (Political Science): Spring 2018

ITALY (Teacher Education): Spring 2018

JAPAN (Art): Spring 2018

NEPAL (Health Science, Social Work, Youth Services): Winter Break 2019; class fall of 2018

NEW ZEALAND (Health Science): Spring 2018

SWITZERLAND (Nursing): Spring Break 2018

ZAMBIA (Nursing, Health Science, Occupational Therapy): Summer 2018