Student Concerns

The Student Concerns Committee will serve as the board to hear and resolve any student issues brought forth and ensure that each student is heard. The Student Concerns Committee receives concerns through student collection around campus, and it is the responsibility of the members to voice the concerns of the student body to the committee. This committee is responsible for working with the administration to address concerns. They will also fulfill the needs of the students by offering programs and services in diversity, academic integrity, and health and wellness initiatives. This committee is also responsible for addressing issues with parking, campus safety, textbook prices, academic programs, and other major concerns. This committee is headed by Ombudsman Rashed Aldubayyan, he also serves as the student representative for grade grievances.

Members of this Committee include: Natalie Schneider, Jacob Mojica, Gavin Bennett, Jessica McCullen, Kendra Sampson, Danielle Guldi, and Cassie Misiolek, George Copeland, Chi Weng, Drew Mojica, Jaleah Hawthorne, Jeremy Flood, Shannon Russell, Shane Carter, and Taylor Fisher.

If you have any concerns or would like more information about the committee you can contact the Ombudsman at