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Course Options Relating to LGBTQA+

The following are course options at Saginaw Valley State University that focus on gender, sexuality, or sexual identity:


English 204: Queer Literature

This general education English class is focused on queer readings and writing. It is only offered on ocassional semesters; please contact the English Department for further inquiry.



Gender Studies Minor: 

An interdisciplinary minor offered by the departments of Communication, English, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology. The objective of the minor is to enable students to develop the conceptual tools and the empirical background for studying the cultural significance of gender, the development of feminist perspectives, and the application of feminist perspectives within traditional academic disciplines.

Program Requirements

The Gender Studies minor is available by completing 18 credits, including one required introductory course (GS 100) and at least 15 credits of electives from among the following courses:

  • COMM 425 - Gender in Communication
  • HIST 320 - U.S. Women's History
  • HIST 324 - Modern European Women's History
  • PHIL 240 - Philosophy and Feminism
  • PS 319 - Gender and Politics
  • PSYC 385 - Psychology of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
  • SOC 333 - Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 340 - Black Women in America
 Please note that the courses may not be offered every semester or year.

For more information about the Gender Studies curriculum, please visit: