Innovation, Originality, Excellence

"Universities exist for when people, at their most promising and vulnerable moments, come seeking their futures, come ready to become something more, something better."

- Eric R. Gilbertson, former SVSU President (1989-2014)


As part of its goal of developing nationally recognized programs and areas of excellence which promote quality throughout the University and which enhance the value of an SVSU degree, the University has established a Student Research and Creativity Institute (SRCI) generously supported by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation. The purpose of the Institute is to support and promote outstanding and innovative student work in the arts, humanities, sciences, professional disciplines, and community service. The Institute will fund over $50,000 for each fiscal year.

SVSU's Commitment to its Students

As one professor observed, SVSU is small enough to allow for personal and hands-on learning and yet large enough to offer its students great opportunities for important work, research, and growth.  Inaugurated in 2005-2006, the SRCI has recently received an endowment of $1 million from The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation that significantly expands its ability to support student-led creative and research endeavors.

SRCI students have engaged in cancer research, business training for women in Ghana, zebra mussel research, community art murals, entrepreneurial projects, and work on alternative fuel sources.

With SRCI, the arts are not only celebrated, they are rewarded: one student's musicality is encouraged as he performs at New York's Carnegie Hall, while a student playwright receives a fellowship at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

With SRCI, students are involved in their communities by giving back, giving more and making a difference in the lives of others: projects such as an outdoor wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round for the Millett Learning Center in Saginaw benefitting our citizens.

Each year, the SRCI will make available more than $50,000 to support and promote outstanding work in the arts, humanities, sciences, professional disciplines and community service.

Beginning with the Winter 2013 semester, two grants are available from the SRCI:

1)    SRCI Traditional Grant  (Two Review Cycles: Fall and Winter) This grant is designed to fund larger scale projects over $1500.

2)    SRCI Mini-Grant  (Monthly Review Cycle) This grant is designed to fund smaller scale projects under $1500.

Previously Funded Projects (56kB)