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Staff Member of the Month

SVSU recognizes outstanding employees and their contributions to the University in a number of ways.  One method of gratitude and acknowledgment is through nomination as "Staff Member of the Month".  

Any employee who has completed two or more years of service and has not been named "Staff Member of the Month" within the previous six years is eligible. 

Employees are selected for their outstanding service and dedication to the University and are recognized publicly at a Regular Formal Session of the Board of Control. In addition, they are profiled in the University’s newsletter, the "Interior."

Each recipient receives dinner for two at a restaurant of the recipient’s choice (re-reimbursement up to $150) and a "Staff Member of the Month" parking pass, which allows for preferred parking on campus for a one-month period.

Nominations may be made online: Nominate Staff Member of the Month.


Staff Member of the Month - Listing

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