The Bridges to Success project was developed by the Teaching Resource Center at Western Oregon University with the funding grant: Project of National Significance, U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education which ended in 2005. The website provides information for mentors, mentees and administration and has download-able modules to assist in the development of a comprehensive mentoring program.


Retention of Special Education Professionals: A Practical Guide for Strategies and Activities for Educators and Administrators (PDF)

The CEC website has a great deal of information for mentors and teachers. Mentors can use the information on this site to provide resources for new teachers.


This website promotes the mentoring and induction of new teachers. Support is provided to mentors and induction programs in K - 12 schools and to university teacher education programs.



This website provides information on developing induction programs, providing resources and professional development for new and information and resources for mentors.


State requirement and resources related to new teacher induction and mentor responsibilities.


Pathwise is a ‘for purchase’ mentor and induction training program.