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Membership Information

Community Membership



Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult




Family member is recognized as a spouse, and any tax deductible dependent


Family member is recognized as a spouse, and any tax deductible dependent


Persons ages 62 and older are eligible


Contact Ryder Center Operations Manager at (989) 964-7384 for additional details

$1,200.00 min + $150.00
per person over 6

This is a punch card membership available for the Ryder Center. For $50.00, you can have fifteen (15) visits to the Ryder Center. This pass can be purchased at the Help Desk at the Recreation Entrance of the Ryder Center (cash or check only) and is non-refundable.


A daily guest pass may be purchased which permits entry to the Ryder Center. An SVSU student, faculty, staff or a current Ryder Center member must sponsor a guest. A maximum of two guests will be allowed per sponsor. Individuals should check availability of activity areas prior to purchasing a pass. Once a daily pass is purchased, the fee is not refundable. Current price information is available at the Ryder Center Help Desk. Individuals purchasing a day pass must abide by all Ryder Center policies/procedures. Violators will be asked to leave the facility.


Employee and Student Memberships

Employee Membership

Each full-time employee is recognized as a member at the Ryder Center. The membership is provided at no cost to the employee.

  1. Employee membership includes all recreation areas of the facility.
  2. To get the proper photo ID/transaction card to the Center, the employee must go to the Cashier’s Office, first floor Wickes, during normal business hours to have a photo taken. The employee will receive TheCard at that time.
    *Employees may rent a small locker in the faculty/staff locker rooms for $25 (September-August). See the Ryder Center service desk for additional information.

Employee-Spouse and Dependent Membership

  1. Spouse and dependents also are recognized as members to the Ryder Center.
  2. Includes all recreation areas of the facility.
  3. There is no fee for this pass.
  4. New full-time employees can get the appropriate form from Human Resources.
  5. Adjunct Faculty can get the appropriate form from the Dean’s Office of the college with which they are contracted.
  6. Follow the form directions for processing.

Student-Spouse/Dependent Memberships

Students who wish to bring their husbands, wives, or dependents can purchase memberships for the semester. (A dependent is recognized as a tax deductible dependent).

  1. Includes all recreation areas of the facility.
  2. $50.00 per person per semester.
  3. The membership can be purchased at the Ryder Center offices. (No tax deductible contribution).

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For information on purchasing or renewing a membership, contact us at (989) 964-7333.