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David Baker, Winner of the 2011 Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize

Widely published poet and scholar David Baker received the 12th triennial Saginaw Valley State University Board of Fellows Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize in 2011. A pair of judges appointed by the United States Poet Laureate selected Baker for his 2009 poetry volume, Never-Ending Birds.

One of the judges, David Wagoner, is a former student of the late Roethke and wrote a play about his teacher, First Class. A highly accomplished poet himself, Wagoner expressed confidence that Baker’s work would meet with Roethke’s approval.

“Because he believed that sound, rhythm, and meaning were of nearly equal importance in the making of a poem,” Wagoner said, “I think Theodore Roethke would have been especially pleased that the prize in his name is being given to David Baker, whose beautiful and skillfully made book Never-Ending Birds clearly demonstrates he believes so too.”

Baker is a professor of English and holds the Thomas B. Fordham Chair of Creative Writing at Denison University in Granville, Ohio.  He has written 10 books of poetry, and his poems and essays have appeared in more than 100 magazines, including American Poetry Review, The Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker and the Yale Review. Baker also has received fellowships and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Society of America, among others.

Another judge, the award-winning poet Rosanna Warren, praised the sensory nature of Baker’s work.

“He understands the human story as part of a larger story of life on earth, but he never forces the analogy,” she said. “His rhythms are as alive to the roll and tang of syllables on the tongue as they are to the recurrences and interruptions of the circulation of blood and sap. His poems respond deeply to life, and enlarge our imaginative responses to it.”