The Theodore Roethke Poetry & Arts Festival and SVSU Board of Fellows Triennial Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize were made possible with the generous support of:

Dow Gardens
The Harvey Randall Wickes Foundation
Melvin J. Zahnow Library (SVSU)
Saginaw Community Foundation
Saginaw Valley State University
Saginaw Valley State University Board of Fellows


Members of the 2011 Theodore Roethke Poetry & Arts Festival and Board of Fellows Triennial Memorial Poetry Prize Steering Committee

JJ Boehm
Marilyn Bordeaux
Jo Brownlie
M. Patricia Cavanaugh
Margaret Clark
Linda Farynk
Lynne Graft
Geoff Haney
Debbie Marsh
Janet Martineau
Jan Poppe
Annie Ransford
Arra Ross
Ruth Sawyers
Patty Shaheen
Pat Shek
Craig Snook
Bill Stec
Jason Swackhamer
Marion Tincknell


Special thanks to:

Andrew J. Bethune
Carlos Ramet
Domingo Vasquez
Eric Nisula
Janet Rentsch
Liz Ruediger
Marilyn Wheaton 
Marty McGuire
Ron Suszek 
Virginia McKane

All those associated with the 2011 festival and prize wish to acknowledge Mark Burrows Morley, president of the Morley Foundation, Roethke trustee and long time Roethke prize event supporter. His humor, guidance and support has been sorely missed.