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SVSU Fight Song Ringtone

Show off your Red Pride with a ringtone of the SVSU Fight Song, performed by the Cardinal Marching Band! 

Most smartphones can play MP3 files as ringtones. The process for downloading and installing ringtones to a smartphone may vary greatly based on phone, operating system, and service provider. Check your phone’s user manual or your provider’s website.

Instructions for Smartphones

Android™ Phones

Android logo

  • Download the SVSU Fight Song MP3 (469KB) to a directory of your choosing on your computer. Sync to phone.
  • Connect your Android phone to your computer using a USB cable
  • Set the phone to connect as a Disk Drive. Note: If you are not prompted to “Mount as disk drive,” check the Android Status Bar and click the USB connection type. Choose “Disk drive – Mount as disk drive” as your connection type
  • On your Desktop, click “My Computer” and find the disk drive associated with your Android phone. Note: If you see a separate drive for your SD Card, you may use either drive
  • Open the drive and look for a folder labeled "ringtones." If it does not exist, create one now.
  • Drag the MP3 file to the “ringtones” folder
  • Safely remove the phone (using “Safely Remove Hardware” for PC or the eject button for Mac) and physically disconnect it to complete the transfer
  • On your phone, open Settings. Sound & Display, Phone Ringtone, and choose your new ringtone! (It will have the same name as the MP3 file.) This will set your default ringtone. To assign a ringtone to a contact, follow your phone’s instructions.

Apple® iPhone

Apple iPhone

  • ‌Download the SVSU Fight Song M4R (283KB) ringtone file to a directory of your choosing on your computer
  • Open iTunes. Select 'Tones' in the iTunes left top side under Library, and drag the ringtone file to iTunes. Option #2: click the top left file menu and click 'Add file to library. . . '
  • Plug your iPhone into your computer and click on iPhone
  • Click on ringtones tab
  • Make sure that the “sync ringtones” checkbox is checked. Click “sync.” Set as ringtone
  • Use your iPhone to set the ringtone as you normally would — either as the default ringtone or assigned to a contact!