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Meet Steve Slancik

With an undergraduate degree in special education (and being a male), Steve Slancik was able to pick and choose the teaching job he wanted back in 1996 when he moved to Utica, MI. After only four years of teaching, Steve participated in an administrative internship that through various circumstances, led rather quickly to a principalship in the second largest school district in the state.

The principal of Magahay Elementary feels that his SVSU degree (2000, M.Ed., principalship) was great on many fronts. He particularly liked the fact that instead of a thesis, the program offered students 100 hours of internship/shadowing. The value of spending that much time with a principal, notes Steve, is "you see the reality of what a principal does with the majority of their day. All of the behind-the-scenes things that go on, you see. Especially your first year (as a principal), you are overwhelmed. Had I not had the time to sit with the principal and see how things worked, so many of the things I later experienced (as a principal) would have thrown me for a loop."

Steve adds that another thing he really liked about his SVSU experience was that "the work assignments were always relevant. In grad school, you don't want assignments and readings that don't mean much to you. I still have and use books we used in class. They (professors) were hitting topics they knew would be relevant. Somehow, they knew to teach us for the future."