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Meet Loren Ristovski

Loren Ristovski, athletic administrator for Taylor (MI) School District, and recent M.Ed graduate, specialist in athletic directorship was wowed, informed, impressed, mentored and taught by the professors of the educational leadership and services in SVSU's College of Education

While in college, Loren started coaching basketball and soon discovered it was a passion that he wanted to be a part of his life, forever. When he started his graduate work at SVSU (Macomb campus), he says he realized that his pursuit of higher education was about more than a degree. "Education is a human business. I can line up all the degrees, but if I mistreat officials, don't understand parents or kids, then who cares about the degree? "Further, Loren says that from the caring professors he had at SVSU, he learned the necessity to "build a reputation of trust, of punctuality and of dependability." He cites the passionate "preacher-teacher" LaCreta Clark (assistant professor of educational leadership and services) as someone who taught him the importance of "building a culture of community outreach. I've developed community projects and collaborations, things I would have never thought of, because of that (teaching)."

So great was Loren's SVSU graduate experience that he is now planning to pursue his PhD --- in part because of what he learned and in part, because of the caring and mentoring faculty whose support gave him the confidence to know that his doctorate is possible. So dear is Loren's SVSU degree that he proudly notes that when he graduated in May 2009, he "walked (at commencement). It's the only time I felt it was worthy of the occasion."