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President’s Weekly Update - Week of Monday, March 24

To Taiwan and Back

I have returned from my trip to Taiwan where I had very productive meetings with our friends at our sister institution, Ming Chuan University. We discussed plans for the dedication of Ming Chuan’s space on our campus and additional joint degree programs; also, 12 of our students will take Mandarin courses this summer in Taiwan. While there, I also met with leaders from Seowon University in South Korea and can report continued progress toward an agreement with them.

Provost Search Moving Forward

The interview process for the four finalists begins today and will conclude late next week.  I encourage you to attend open forums and otherwise participate in the process as you are able.  I hope to move quickly toward a decision. I encourage you all to provide your comment on our finalists.  Paper forms are distributed at the open forums; you can also share your comments online at

Commencement Update

Regarding the May ceremonies, please reinforce to your students that no tickets are required for their guests to attend; this is one of the main reasons we moved in the direction we did, and many students have expressed their appreciation for this.  

HLC Countdown

Our final preparations are underway. I think we are rightfully confident about our work over the past two-plus years and all of the progress we have made since our last site visit in 2004. You may be sick and tired of hearing about this. If I weren’t president, I might say, “I don’t care.” Since I am president, I feel compelled to remind you that this is vitally important to our university, so please take time to read the self-study executive summary, so that you are informed when our HLC site visitors arrive Monday, April 7. 


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