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President’s Weekly Update - Week of Monday, Feb. 24

Student-Athlete Academic Awards

I attended the Athletic Department’s weekend banquet to recognize those student-athletes who achieved a GPA of 3.4 of higher over the past year, all 187 of them. Many of these students are pursuing very rigorous academic programs, competing for admission to graduate or professional schools while also competing in their chosen sport. They have a lot on their plate, as do our students who hold down jobs, and I continue to be impressed by those who juggle these demands while meeting their academic requirements.  During my discussions with parents yesterday, I was struck by how many of them had positive things to say about SVSU and their families’ interactions with faculty and staff.  This is a tribute to all of you, because I know that doesn’t happen by accident.  It happens when all of us do our jobs the way we’re supposed to and give our students the same level of attention we’d want for our son or daughter.

Senate Testimony This Week

I survived my first week on the job and my reward is that I’m spending much of my second week preparing for my testimony to the State Legislature this Thursday.  The governor’s budget proposal includes a healthy increase in state funding for higher education. For the good of our state, we hope that comes to fruition. Senators also want to know about our graduation rates, placement rates, financial aid awards and a host of other issues, so the next time you think your job isn’t important to the business of the university, please stop by to see me.  I’ll be happy to let you read our written responses in their entirety.

Spring Break


Several of you have optimistically told me that spring is right around the corner, but Mother Nature shows no signs of receiving the message. I know there are many mid-term exams this week and I’m told the Academic Achievement Center is busy. Many of us will be ready for a well-deserved break next week, but during this period of heightened activity and anxiety for so many students, please be sure to spend some extra time with those that could benefit from your added attention. An extra word of support, encouragement or understanding can go a long way. For those that are traveling and those that are staying here, carrying on the business of the university: please be safe and be smart, and have some fun.


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