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Residential Alcohol Permits

If you are over 21 years old and want to drink alcohol on-campus, then you must have an alcohol permit.

How to get a valid alcohol permit:

  1. Go to the Peer Health Education office during office hours in Doan 105.
  2. Sit through about 10 minutes of alcohol education.
  3. Once that is complete, a PHE will give you an alcohol permit that is signed and dated.
  5. You will need the SVSU Residential Life Office or your Resident Director to complete the form.
  6. Then you will need to post the permit in a visible, common living space in your dorm

If you have received an alcohol permit from the year prior, please come to the PHE office for a new permit. The previous years' permit will be void, so it is important to get a new one. You can either bring in your old permit or we can look you up from the years' past. Once we verify that you have had a permit, we will give you a new permit and you will be able to skip step 2 from the above steps. Once you have your permit though you will need to go to the SVSU Residential Life Office or your Residential Director to complete the form.