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If our office is closed but you need any of our resources, please contact Sara Martinez at 989-964-2292 to schedule an appointment or feel free to contact her at

Peer Health Education

Who are Peer Health Educators?

SVSU Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are SVSU students that live healthy, balanced, fun, energetic lives and care about the health and well-being of all SVSU students. Our PHEs come from different academic backgrounds ranging from students in the nursing program to undecided majors. The degree they are pursing does not matter as much as having a general interest in educating peers on how they can live healthier lifestyles. 

What is Peer Health Education?

Peer Health Education is an exchange of of accurate, and reliable information between people of the same age and social group. Peer Health Educators sponsor events, create programs, give presentations, consult with students on health-related topics and have lots of fun.

Why Peer Health Education?

SVSU PHEs are students, just like you, going through the same college experience. The difference is that the PHEs are trained in various health topics - so they can provide their peers with accurate and useful health information. PHEs give you the latest information about issues that affect you every day, such as alcohol, stress management, body image, tobacco, sexual health and nutrition.

Where Do I Find Peer Health Educators?

The Peer Health Education Office is located in D105.  You can reach the Health Education Office by calling 989-964-4658 or email at

Interested in becoming a Peer Health Educator?

Students who are interested can fill out a PHE Application 2013-2014 (388kB) and turn it in to start our interview process. If you have any questions, please contact Sara Martinez, Director of Student Wellness Programs at 964-2292 or



PHE Receives National Award

PHE Receives National Award

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