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Special Tuition Refund Policy 6.2-1


Student Affairs
Authorizing Body:
President - PRES
Responsible Department:
Registrar's Office
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Special prorated tuition refunds will be considered for medical reasons. The medical problem must be serious in nature and the University must receive verified proof by a medical doctor that the illness exists, or existed, during the semester for which the refund is being sought. The University may request a second opinion.


After the regular refund deadline in each semester, a special prorated tuition refund may be awarded for medical reasons if:

  1. The student requests special refund consideration in writing explaining the circumstances. This request must be directed to the Assistant Registrar.
  2. The medical condition is serious enough so that the student is under a medical doctor's care for at least three weeks. (For a summer session, the period will be one-fifth of the length of the session.)
  3. The medical doctor verifies (form below) that the nature of the illness sufficiently incapacitated the student so that he/she could not meet academic responsibilities.
  4. The Assistant Registrar verifies that the medical doctor's document is authentic.

When the above four steps have been completed and the student has been judged to qualify for a refund, the Assistant Registrar will set the effective withdrawal date and will notify the Controller via the special refund processing form. The Controller will compute the prorated tuition and process a refund to the student. The decision of the Assistant Registrar may be appealed to the highest official in charge of Student Services, who will be the final authority.

A "W" grade will be posted on the student's transcript for the course(s) for which a special prorated tuition refund was given.


A prorated refund in cases of serious illness is a fair and equitable policy. Students who receive such refunds also have received a proportionate amount of instruction which cannot be provided free of charge. Even though the student will not receive a grade, he/she has gained the advantage of knowledge in the subject matter.

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Message to Physician 
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Your patient is asking to be considered for special withdrawal and refund privileges limited to cases of serious illness. To be eligible for special withdrawal from a fall or winter semester, the student must be under a physician's care and unable to perform academic duties for at least three weeks. For a summer session special withdrawal, incapacitation for at least 1/5 of the duration of the session must be demonstrated.If your patient's condition during the enrollment period shown below meets these criteria, please enter your diagnosis. Then sign and date the form and return it to your patient or to the Registrar's Office, Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI 48710. Thank you.

As a matter of policy, the University reserves the right to request a second opinion.

Patient's Name ____________________________________  Date ____________ 

Social Security No. ___________________________________________________

Street Address ______________________________________________________

City/State/Zip _______________________________________________________

Telephone number __________________________________________________

Date / Enrollment Period ______________________________________________





I verify that during the above enrollment period, this patient was ill for at least three weeks of the semester (or 1/5 of the summer session) and was unable to perform academic duties. I am aware that a follow-up phone call will be made from the Registrar's Office to verify the authenticity of this document.

Physician's Name ____________________________________________________ 

Signature __________________________________________ Date ___________ 

Street Address ______________________________________________________ 

City/State/Zip _______________________________________________________ 

Office telephone number ______________________________________________