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Injury or Illness at Work Policy 2.1-3


Human Resources
Authorizing Body:
Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Human Resources
Applies To:
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  1. Report the illness or injury to your supervisor immediately.
  2. Your supervisor or a representative from Human Resources will send you to an approved medical facility if you need medical treatment. In the event of a medical emergency, call Saginaw Central Dispatch by dialing 9-911 from on campus and 911 from off campus.  If an ambulance is required, contact University Police and inform them of the location to which the ambulance is being sent.
  3. You and your supervisor shall complete a written incident report SVSU Employee Incident Report (313KB)  and submit it to Human Resources.
  4. Report all injuries or illnesses to your immediate supervisor.  If medical treatment then becomes necessary at a later date, there will be a record.
  5. You must be referred to the SVSU approved physician/medical provider during the first 28 calendar days of the date of the incident.  If you seek medical treatment from your own physician or a non-approved medical provider, you may be held responsible for any and all of those expenses.  If you have a question regarding where to get medical treatment, please call Human Resources at 964-7100 or 964-4108 before you seek medical treatment.
  6. Following each visit to the physician, you must contact the Human Resources office in person or by phone to discuss the medical directives of the physician.
  7. If you require prescription medications for a work-related injury or illness, you must contact Human Resources to obtain your workers' compensation claim number and the address for the provider.  Upon receiving your claim number, your pharmacy should directly bill the provider.
  8. The provider is the third party administrator for SVSU workers' compensation claims.  They will determine whether or not to accept your injury as work related under the Workers' Compensation Act.  They may contact you either by mail or phone if they need additional information regarding your claim.
  9. Contact Human Resources any time your situation changes due to your condition worsening, a change in work status, or a change in doctor's appointment.


Please contact Human Resources at any time if you have any questions or concerns regarding an illness, injury or workers' compensation claim.