University policy recognizes staff or faculty designated as "account managers" or "account supervisors" to have the authority to expend University monies from accounts for which they are responsible. The requisition of printing jobs from the University's Graphics Center and inventory items from Central Stores is an expense of University funds. Therefore, the University is extending signature authority to faculty, staff and secretarial/clerical staff who are not classified as "account managers" or "account supervisors" in designated areas to recognize certain responsibilities related to their duties. Signature authority will be granted to faculty for Graphics Center transactions and to staff and secretarial/clerical staff for both Graphics Center and Central Stores transactions subject to the conditions discussed below.


  1. Graphics Center personnel will accept the signature authorization of faculty, staff and secretarial/clerical employees for printing jobs of 1,000 impressions or less. An account manager may notify the Graphics Center, on an exception basis, in writing of nonacceptable signatures.
  2. Central Stores personnel will accept the signature authorization of staff and secretarial/clerical employees for inventory items unless the account manager notifies Central Stores in writing that certain signatures are not to be accepted.
  3. Signature authority of faculty and secretarial/clerical employees is valid only for the account(s) for which their account manager has responsibility.
  4. Faculty, staff and secretarial/clerical employees will follow normal procedures to requisition Central Stores inventory or to order printing jobs from the Graphics Center by submitting and signing the appropriate requisition forms.



Adopted 10/24/85 EC (PS)