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Wedding Receptions 3.1-2


Business & Financial Management
Authorizing Body:
President - PRES
Responsible Department:
Conference Center
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  1. University facilities may be used for weddings and wedding receptions for the immediate families of those considered members of the University family.
  2. Use of University facilities for wedding receptions for other individuals is subject to approval of the Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs.
  3. The University may require that a University Police Officer be present if alcoholic beverages are to be served.
  4. One individual of the wedding party shall be designated as the liaison with the University, specifically with the University Police Officer assigned to the reception. That individual must be present for the full duration of the reception. For those functions of "University families," the liaison must be a "University family" member.


The "University family" includes full and part-time staff, alumni, Board of Fellows, Board of Control, Triskelions, students, and SVSU Foundation.