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Conference Center at SVSU Operating Policy 3.1-1


Business & Financial Management
Authorizing Body:
Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Conference Center
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It is in the best interest of the University to designate one administrative unit to coordinate the scheduling of institutional facilities and other resources that are available for conferences and events. This approach limits overhead expenses and facilitates the efficient scheduling of designated space.

The Conference Center at SVSU is the administrative unit designated with this responsibility for non-academic space. The Conference Center at SVSU may schedule activities in available academic space after the course schedule has been approved by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Conference Center at SVSU may also schedule space in the Student Center subject to scheduling priorities established by the Student Life Center.

  1. Meetings and other functions utilizing University facilities which are classified as University activities are exempt from paying room rental fees. A minimal fee ($20-$60), however, will be assessed if the activity requires significant room set-up.

    Room rental fees will be assessed for the following event categories:

    • University-Sponsored Activities/Events for which no registration fee is charged. 
      University-sponsored activities or events are coordinated by University members in conjunction with an outside organization. Participants attending these events are University members, along with members of the external organization. Rental rates and service fees will be discounted 50% for conferences, workshops, meetings and camps and must be paid for by University funds.  Example: Dinner meeting with attendees who are University members and external community members for which no fee is charged.

    • University-Sponsored Activities/Events for which a registration fee is charged. 
      Rental rates and service fees will be discounted 50% for conferences, workshops, meetings and camps arranged by faculty, staff or students for which a registration fee is charged.  Example: Dinner function, charging a fee to attend.

    • SVSU Grant-Funded Events 
      Rental rates and service fees will be discounted 50% for SVSU conferences, workshops, meetings and camps that are funded by SVSU grant monies received by the University and scheduled by faculty, staff or students.
    • Non-University Events : Non-Profit Organizations and Commercial/Private Parties 
      Non-profit organizations and commercial/private parties are charged full room rental rates and service fees in addition to charges for food, equipment, etc.

  2. In accordance with the existing Outside Food Catering Policy (#3.1-4), the use of outside caterers is permitted only in certain designated sites/facilities. Outside caterers are not permitted in the following facilities: Curtiss Hall, Arbury Fine Arts Center, Performing Arts Center, Groening Commons, Doan Center and the Regional Education Center.

  3. Outside caterers may be approved for the above facilities on an exception basis by the Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs.

  4. The Conference Center at SVSU is responsible for the designation of specific rooms or locations for scheduled functions. The Conference Center may relocate functions from an originally scheduled room or location should subsequent circumstances so warrant. The University reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any function at its discretion.

  5. Box Office. A centralized office has been established to sell tickets, handle payments and coordinate activities related thereto for events utilizing University facilities. A service fee has been established to partially offset the Box Office overhead. Ticket prices, exclusive of the service fee, are set by the event-sponsoring University department or external organization.