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Academic & Retention Initatives

The Office of Multicultural Services provides an array of workshops and programs to assist our students with achieving academic and personal success.  Our primary focus is to ensure students reach their full potential of achieving academic excellence which in turn will increase the retention and graduation rates of our undergraduate students.  Please refer to our available services listed below:


Pre and Post-Assessment

In order to better service our students, a pre-assessment is administered to students who are new to our office to identify and focus on their academic strengths, as well as their "barriers to success".  We take this information to build an individualized student success plan, set semester goals, and determine what resources are needed to enhance their learning experience.  There is a mid-semester check point in the form of progress reports and a post-assessment that is used to evaluate our services and students' progression at the end of each semester.


Academic Agreement Form (105kB)



Project R.E.D.

A series of retention-based initiatives to provide students with the skills and resources necessary to excel academically.  The ultimate goal is to Retain, Educate, and Develop students into successful scholars and campus leaders.  See upcoming sessions below:


"Winter 2014 Registration Drive"

November 4-15, 2013

111 Curtiss Hall

You don't want to register for the winter semester without getting advised first!  Come to OMS and register on the office iPads while getting recommendations from advisors who can help you stay on track to graduate.  Appointments are strongly recommended!!!  Call or visit the office to schedule your session. 

FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: Don't forget to attend one of the mandatory SOAR+ dates.  Remember if you fail to attend, you will not be allowed to register for winter classes.  Check flyers posted around campus for your designated SOAR+ date and time.



Study Schedules/Time Management

A lot of our students, particularly first time in college students (FTIC's), struggle with managing their time between classes, studying, work, and extra-curricular activities.  Our staff helps students develop a defined weekly schedule that helps them better manage their time and puts more focus on the amount of hours they study per week.


Tutoring Resources

There are several opportunities for SVSU students to receive tutoring services, including the Academic Achievement Center located on the second floor of Zahnow Library.  Students are also encouraged to use Khan Academy, which is a free online tutoring service that offers supplemental instruction in various subject areas including Math, Science, History, and Test Prep.  iPads are available for student use (iPads must stay in the office).


Scholar Dollar Incentive Program

Our students work hard and deserve recognition for their efforts.  Our office has developed an incentive program that will pay students "scholar dollars" for any A's, B's, or C+'s they submit for exams, quizzes, projects, and homework assignments.  At the end of the fall and winter semesters, scholar dollars are totaled and students are eligible to "purchase" various prizes.  Prizes vary from gift cards, SVSU apparel, dvd's, tv's, etc.  All students are welcome to participate and can sign up in 111 Curtiss Hall.  The more grades you submit, the better your chances of winning one of our big ticket items!  Students may also obtain scholar dollars based on the number of study hours they commit to one of the following programs...

OMS Study Program

Social Work F.A.S.T. Program

OBU Study Tables

GCOI Study Tables