Old Love at the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville (26)

Old Love at the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville (26)

Old Love is a touching comedy about persistence in the pursuit of happiness. The story spans three decades and several meetings between Bud, a salesman, and Molly, his boss’s wife.  Overtime, a growing fondness for Molly developed in Bud’s heart, but he never did anything about it until they meet again, for the third time in 25 years, at his boss’s funeral.  Molly isn’t interested, but Bud pursues her despite all odds.  Together they tell stories of good times and bad, through 25 years.  This light-hearted comedy will keep you believing in friendship and romance at any age.  Tipping Point is a small, professional, in-the-round theatre.  Our first stop will be the Ikea store in Canton where you’ll have a little time to explore the unique Scandinavian housewares store.  Afterwards we’ll enjoy a three-course lunch at Rocky’s and then the 3 p.m. show.  Our package includes the tickets to the play, lunch and motorcoach transportation from SVSU.

Wednesday, April 16:  9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Price: $79 Members; $109 Non-Members


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