Health, Self Improvement & Conflict Resolution

 Win-Win Solutions to Resolving Conflict in Today’s World (109)

From playgrounds to elder care to global situations, people are being trained to mediate conflicts for a win-win outcome.  Given that conflict is an inevitable part of life, we will discuss pros and cons of nonviolent conflict resolution, see mediation in action, and learn basic skills that can be effective in dealing with real-life situations.  Peer Mediation and related skills have been effectively practiced in schools.  Courts order some cases to be mediated to save time and expenses as well as to create opportunities for adversaries to craft mutual agreements.  Awareness about and practice of these skills can lead to less stressful lives for individuals, families, neighborhoods and beyond.  In one class, members of the Flint Community Resolution Center and Midland County Senior Services will discuss issues that can be mediated.  The class will be led by Jeanne Schaller and Marlene Glinski, certified mediators with the Community Resolution Center.

Wednesdays: September 17, 24 & October 1,  9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Price: $22 Members; $44 Non-Members
Room: C129