SVSU Common Data Set - 2004-2005

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E1.  Special study options: Identify those programs available at your institution. Refer to the glossary for definitions.


RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff  Accelerated Programs
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Honors Program
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Cooperative (work-study) program
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Independent study
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Internships
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Distance learning
 Liberal arts/career combination
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Double major
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Student-designed major
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Dual enrollment
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Study abroad
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff English as a Second Language
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Teacher certification program
 Exchange student program (domestic)
 Weekend college
 External degree program
 Other (specify):

E2.  Has been removed from the CDS.

E3.  Areas in which all or most students are required to complete some course work prior to graduation:


RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Arts/Fine Arts  Humanities
 Computer Literacy RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Mathematics
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff English (including composition) RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Philosophy
 Foreign Languages RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Sciences (biological or physical)
RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff History RTEmagicC_f14c8f20ff Social Science
 Other (describe):  

E4-E8 Library Collections: The CDS publishers will collect library data again when a new Academic Libraries Survey is fielded.

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