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Understanding Accounting 
for Non-Financial Managers

Next Workshop: TBD (At SVSU)

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A 2-day workshop (10-13 contact hours) that will help managers who do not have financial backgrounds understand basic financial and managerial accounting information, to improve their managerial effectiveness, and enhance their ability to effectively communicate with financial managers. They will explore the conceptual underpinnings of corporate financial reporting, analyze and interpret corporate financial statements, and examine key financial and qualitative considerations of a range of operations focused managerial decisions.

The workshop will be conducted in a highly collaborative, and supportive learning environment. During the sessions, participants will work with instructors and their peers in individual and small groups settings to apply the concepts and techniques presented by facilitators to real-world cases including their organization.

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers who are not financial specialists and make or contribute to decisions based on financial information and with significant financial implications
  • Managers with profit-and-loss responsibility in engineering, human resources, information technology, marketing, operations, research and development, sales, and other nonfinancial area
  • Managers new to financial decision-making or seeking a firmer grounding in, or practical understanding of the discipline

How: Participants will explore the material in interactive classroom sessions led by a senior Saginaw Valley State University – College of Business and Management faculty professional. 

Note: No background in accounting or finance required. However, familiarity with the general language of business will be assumed.

Key Benefits:

  • Contribute more meaningfully to financial decision making
  • Talk numbers with confidence in conversations with accounting and finance managers
  • Read, understand and interpret financial statement using ratios and other metrics to get to the reality behind the numbers
  • Understand and evaluate the financial and qualitative implications of operating decisions for the firm
  • Conduct reasonableness checks on financial information

Program Content:

Overview of the Corporate Financial Reporting Process

  • Identifying financial transactions and events
  • Analyzing and recording financial transactions and events
  • Summarizing financial information

Interpreting Financial Reports

  • Identifying the purpose and structure of corporate financial statements
  • Reading and understanding corporate financial statements
  • Conducting qualitative assessments of corporate financial performance

Overview of the Financial Considerations in Operational Decision Making

  • Identifying types and key features of operating decisions
  • Identifying and understanding cost behavior
  • Understanding the concept of relevance in operational decision making
  • Analyzing selected operational decisions using financial techniques that focus on relevant information

When: TBD, 2019 9:00 am to 4:30 pm both days

Program Cost: $1,250.00

Questions?: Contact Jaime Frank at 989-964-4048 or at