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Mary Ellen Johnson - Saginaw County Youth Protection Council
“This workshop was an excellent investment of my time. Having the opportunity to learn from various leaders in the field was a very valuable opportunity. Thank you to the United Way for sponsoring me.”

Kim Morley - Michigan Health Information Alliance, Inc. 
“A very valuable course for new or experienced leaders. Very experienced instructors who are talented in making the information applicable to your organization. I highly recommend this course!”

Jennifer Parks - Midland County Habitat for Humanity 
“I have only been in my current position as Executive Director for four months. This program was an excellent opportunity for me to review what my organization is currently doing and ensuring we are operating with best practices.”

John Vowell - Major Chords for Minors
“These classes are great. For anyone looking at going into non-profits, these classes are a must.”

Katrina Vowell - Major Chords for Minors 
“The best class to understand all aspects of non-profit best practice. Concise and clear – instructors focused on overview as well as personal success. Resources, networking collaboration. A valuable course for anyone in any capacity of the non-profit sector.” 

Grady Holmes, Jr. - The Ezekiel Project
“I have enjoyed the program and learned a lot about the non-profit world. Enjoyed the program.”

Rev. Dr. Rhonda Myers - Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church
“I enjoyed this program a great deal and found it very useful. I found the instructors to be scholarly and experienced in their given field, articulate, well-prepared, and skilled in matching their syllabus to the needs, interests, and questions of students. While I am a “non-traditional” student, in that I am a religious professional rather than a social service director, the principles of “best practices” apply very well to my work, environment and community.” 

Chryshenda Greer - Houghton Jones Resource Center
“This has been an outstanding program that provided me with the tools to help steer my organization in the right direction. If I had to take this session again I would and I believe that I would learn something again.” 

Antonio Brooks - World is Yours Youth Development
“Best practice for non-profits was a very insightful course. I recommend anyone in the non-profit sector to take these courses, powerful information.”

James Jesselaitis - United Way of Saginaw/Local 699 Community Services
“These classes broke down the full process of not for profit programs and worked step by step so we could understand the total process. This was a great class which a beginning non-profit organizer or experienced will learn. I was excited to go to each class.”

Jean Olivares - Parishioners on Patrol of Saginaw; Forgotten Youth Ministries 
“As an active board member and treasurer for two non-profits I can use all the knowledge I can use. I have had other training in similar areas, but this specific training has brought all of what I wanted and needed together. What I have learned has been phenomenal. I can’t wait to implement the things identified through the classes to make the non-profits even better.”

Sheila Chapman - Certified Housing Counselor
I found this class very informative and necessary class for non-profits. I have been a part of non-profits for a while now but I was never able to put all of the pieces together until I attended “Best Practices”. I was able to pick up a little nugget from each topic and of course, as I embark on my own non-profit adventure, I will have this book of notes as my bible to guide me along the way. Yes, I do believe it is an absolute necessity to continue this class!

William Tuttle - Director, Industry Affairs - Automotive Youth Education Systems
I’ve learned through this class that most non-profits have similar internal challenges, regardless of their size. The only thing different is the size of the budget. I wish I would have known about this course much sooner, as it provides a wealth of knowledge.  I’ve learned something from every course, and I truly enjoy the small group and case study discussions that we have in most sessions. The case studies provide opportunities for us to discuss real world examples, and share our own experiences to help solve the issue presented.  The TEA (Transparency, Ethics, and Accountability) session was very enlightening and helped reinforce what I have learned to be true - always taking the high road when times are good, can help preserve some “goodwill” when times aren’t as good.  The Grant Writing/Funding session was equally interesting, as we are currently reviewing a Department of Labor Grant opportunity. I will certainly recommend this course to others in Non Profits because I feel it’s extremely valuable.

Christin Yaklin - Manager - Frankenmuth Center Stage
The “Best Practices” course not only opened my eyes to the issues my company is facing, but changed the way we operate - internally and externally. I would recommend this course to any non-profit whether you are long established or just beginning.

Cassie Brenske - Office Manager/Marketing Coordinator - Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra
The Best Practices class was a blessing in disguise. It was unclear to me prior to the class how it would shape or rather help with my job at the Symphony, but now I can say confidently that it has provided me with a better understanding of how non-profit boards work. Which is something I had been in the dark about. In addition, I have lots of new goals at the office and can already see a difference. Thanks United Way!

Susan Doherty - Director, Education and Field Operations - Automotive Youth Education Systems
This series of classes provided an excellent comprehensive overview of non-profit management. I would highly recommend this seminar for anyone involved in non-profits - whether starting up a new non-profit, revitalizing an existing non-profit, or simply looking to streamline practices or improve operations. The different professors brought a wealth of Best Practice information and delivered the content with enthusiasm and energy. Wonderful course!

Kenneth Cichewicz - Foundation Development Analyst - Saint Mary’s of Michigan
Each session provided some valuable, new information or a reminder of some issues deserving of more attention. The sessions covering advocacy, policies/procedures and strategic alliances were of particular interest. I highly recommend this program for everyone in or entering a leadership role with a non-profit organization.

Victor Hugo Aviles - President - Mid Michigan Hispanic Business Association
I have served on different non-profit board for the Saginaw Valley Rotary Club, The National Society of Hispanic MBA’s, and now I am the President of the Mid Michigan Hispanic Business Association. The non-profit “Best Practices” certificate program has provided tools to make my efforts more efficient. This program has put structure to a set of plans and good intentions. I am going to ask every member of the board to take the time to participate in this program.

Brian Pickelman - Operations Manager - Great Lakes Safety
Coming from for-profit organization to a non-profit, this program has been extremely beneficial in helping me not only understand the organizational dynamics of non-profits but due to the expertise of the instructors, I’m able to take these learning back to my organization and apply them. This program is a must for non-profit managers and board members.

Andrew Christ - Member - Friends of Theodore Roethke
This course opened my eyes to the need for leadership within non-profit organizations. The organization I am with, the Friends of Theodore Roethke, is completely operated on volunteer efforts. Our current need for transparency in accounting, ethical behavior, advocacy and public policy is not super-important. However, as our organization becomes more valuable to the community, the things I’ve learned in this class will only grow in importance tot he leaders of our organization.

Mary Ann Garrett - Vice President - Women of Color, Inc.
Upon completing the course, I found that my organization has a lot of room for improvement. Each workshop brought something new and different tot he table. There was small and large information be assimilated. I spoke to my president and she wants to take the course!

Alice Lopez - President - Unity Club
I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this program. As president of a non-profit, the information and resources provided is invaluable. The knowledge I’ve gained is a shot in the arm to our struggling organization and I can see the possibilities as a result of this class.

Janet I. Martineau - Board President - Creative Spirit Center
This class is extremely valuable to me as a board president of a struggling non-profit. The classes on board governance, fund-raising, grant writing, finances, etc. have given me valuable marching orders to right the ship of my organization as I work with our executive director. What was really effective in the class was the networking opportunities with the other class members and the “exercises” many of the instructors worked into the day. The notebook and handouts also will prove useful.

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