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Becoming a Change Master

Next Workshop: Feb 23 & 24 (At SVSU)

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A 2-day workshop (10-13 contact hours) that will arm participants with the skills, attitudes, and understandings necessary to navigate successfully through the turbulent waters of innovation and change.

A Change Master is one who can empower people to successfully move people through the psychological journey of change. This is accomplished by establishing a new significance and then employing a disciplined and structured change-management approach that drives desired results on-time and within budget.  

Who Should Attend:

  • Mid-level and top-echelon managers. 
  • Potential managers in Family Business enterprises.
  • Managers from all sizes and types of business, industry and educational organizations. 
  • High potentials from larger corporations.


Participants will explore the material in interactive classroom sessions led by a senior management professional. 

Key Benefits:

  • Build commitment to change within their team or throughout the organization
  • Achieve faster execution of new initiatives
  • Adopt greater flexibility and adaptability
  • Fell less overwhelmed and stressed
  • Achieve and maintain higher morale

Program Content:

Overview of Key Topics

  • Price/risk analysis
  • The key roles of change
  • Transition dynamics
  • Building commitment
  • Resistance dynamics
  • Managing resistance
  • Planning on-the-job applications

Teaching Methods

  • Lectures on the Power of Distinctions; the cycle of conversations for generating commitments; and language acts embedded in the cycle of conversations
  • Demonstrating how to apply the cycle of conversations and embedded language acts in the workplace setting
  • Collaboration among teams of participators wherein they practice what they have learned
  • Classroom discussion of specific applications back on-the-job
  • Debriefing

Desired Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why it is necessary to slow down the change process
  • Recognize the warning signs of too much change too fast
  • Know how to conduct a simple price-risk analysis
  • Understand how to work with instead of against the cycle of change
  • Report this experience as fun, the learning as readily transferrable to their own day-to-day activities and motivation


February 23 & 24, 2018 9:00 am to 4:30 pm both days

Program Cost:



Contact Jaime Frank at 989-964-4048 or at