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Nursing B.S.N. Frequently Asked Questions

Does SVSU’s nursing program have a wait list?

  • No, SVSU does not have a wait list. SVSU has competitive admission to the nursing program.

How many students apply to the nursing program and how many are admitted?

  • SVSU is approved by the State of Michigan to accept up to 96 students each fall semester and up to 96 students each winter semester. The number of applicants varies each semester. Recently, 120-170 students have applied each semester.

What are pre-nursing informational sessions?

  • Nursing faculty members conduct informational sessions to answer students’ questions about the nursing program as well as the nursing program application and admission process. No registration is required. Multiple pre-nursing informational sessions are offered each fall and winter semester on different days and at different times to accommodate students’ schedules.
  • Pre-nursing informational sessions are available for current pre-nursing students, transfer students and applicant students (students whose nursing prerequisite courses are complete or will be complete at the end of the semester and who are ready to apply to the nursing program). Meeting dates and times are posted on the Nursing Department’s web site.
  • To access the Nursing Department web site at, click on “A-Z Index,” click on “N,” click on “Nursing, Department of."

How long does it take to complete SVSU’s nursing program?

  • It usually takes a student 4 to 4 ½ years. Students complete 1 1/2 to 2 years of prerequisite nursing courses and 2 1/2 years of professional nursing courses.

What is the average GPA of students being admitted to the Basic Nursing Program?

  • The nursing program at SVSU is selective. While the catalog states that an applicant must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 in the science/math nursing prerequisites and an overall GPA of 2.8 to apply, scores in that range may not be competitive depending on the applicant pool.  As stated in the SVSU catalog, the other factors in determining admission are communication (written and oral - interview and writing sample for students who do not have SVSU scores for written communication) and number of credits completed at SVSU.

When are the deadlines to apply?

  • Students must apply by the third Monday in April for fall selection and third Monday in October for winter selection.

Do all the prerequisite nursing courses have to be completed by the deadline date?

  • No, nursing prerequisite courses must be completed by the time a student enters the nursing program and not by the deadline date. For example, if a student applies in April for fall admission, they may finish winter semester courses and take spring or summer courses if needed. If a student applies in October, they may finish fall semester courses. Applications are scored based on prerequisite nursing courses that are COMPLETED by the deadline date, and students are admitted pending courses in progress do not negatively affect GPAs. The higher their GPA, the higher their score will be.

Do all ten categories of SVSU’s general education requirements need to be completed before I apply to the nursing program?

  • No, only nursing prerequisite courses must be completed which include specific courses in general education categories three, four, six, seven, nine and ten. The remaining general education requirements must be completed by graduation.

May I repeat a required nursing prerequisite course?

  • Yes, students may repeat three required prerequisite courses and two of those courses can be from the required science prerequisites.  No required prerequisite courses can be repeated more than once.  In computation of the GPA for nursing required perequisite courses, only one retake grade will be calculated.  We strongly suggest that you meet with the Health and Human Services Academic Advisor to discuss repeats prior to taking them.  You may schedule an appointment by emailing for more information.

Is a C minus (“C-”) grade acceptable for a required nursing prerequisite course?

  • No, all required nursing prerequisite courses must have a grade of “C” (2.0) or better to be eligible to apply to the nursing program.

May I take Physiology and Anatomy I at my local community college and Physiology and Anatomy II at SVSU?

  • Please consult with the Health and Human Services Academic Advisor at for more information about the course petition process.

How do I apply to the nursing program?

  • Selection involves a two part process. First, students visit the SVSU nursing department web site at to access the nursing program application. Click on “A-Z Index,” click on “N,” click on “Nursing, Department of,” click on blue “Apply to Nursing”.  You click on the "Apply to Nursing button again using the red “Access” button.  Read all of the instructions on the page and when you are ready click on the link at the bottom of the page to start your online applicaiton.  Once you have submitted your application, you will be notified via your SVSU email account whether your GPA is competitive based on the current applicant pool enabling you to move to the background check.

Do I need references or volunteer experience?

  • References or volunteer experiences are not needed. Students do not receive “extra points” for their references or volunteer experiences; however, having volunteer experience may provide you with information to draw upon in the interview and /or clinical situations.

How will I be notified if I have been accepted to the nursing program?

  • Students will be notified through their SVSU email account of application decisions.

What happens if a student is not accepted into the nursing program?

  • Students may reapply the next semester for a total of three times.

What if I am a transfer student? How does my application compete with SVSU students?

  • All applicants, whether they are current SVSU students or transfer students, compete on the same level; however, current SVSU students are given extra points on their application based on the number of credits completed at SVSU.

If I am currently completing courses at another university or community college, how do I find out how my credits transfer to SVSU?

  • Students may contact SVSU’s Admissions Office at 989-964-4200 to schedule an appointment to discuss transfer credits or apply to SVSU and send official transcripts to SVSU for evaluation.

May I take nursing courses during spring and/or summer semester to complete my degree sooner?

  • No, nursing courses are offered during the fall and winter semesters only, with the exception of the Spring/summer prior to graduating.  An internship is required.

What is SNA (Student Nurses Association)?

  • SVSU students who have declared a pre-nursing major will receive information about Student Nurses Association (SNA) events via their SVSU email accounts. Pre-nursing students are encouraged to join SNA and become involved in this organization.

How can I get more information or answers to my questions?

  • You may email to schedule an appointment with our HHS Advisory, Steve Killey.  He can also be reached by telephone at (989) 964-4517 if you have additional questions.