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"The office has provided me with knowledge and resources to help students, increased my condifence, and motivated me to better muself and my academics".

- Joya Nunn ('16), 1st year graduate student at Wayne State University pursuing a Masters in Social Work

" The Office of Multicultural Services has helped me build my independence and self-reilience. As a freshman I was unsure of the directions I wanted to take and the advisors in the office helped me shape my path for my future and helped me discover the options for me in graduate school".

- Bailey McCarthy-Riley ('16), 1st year graduate student at Wayne State University pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Analytical Chemistry

""Multicultural Services taught me to organize my ideas in order to pursue my dreams. Throughout college, I was able to fight obesity and develop time management skills by setting time aside to study and work out. These skills have acclimated me to a workforce environment. (Multicultural Services) also helped me to learn to make time to be happy - before I was only focused on passing classes, but I learned the importance of making time for happiness in school"'.

- Rekia Smiley, Graduated from SVSU with a Bachelor ('14) and Masters ('16) in Public Administration

"I am currently employed by Child and Family Charities in Lansing, Michigan as a Child Welfare Specialist (foster care case manager). The Office of Multicultural Services provided me with skills in the areas of professionalism, networking and organization/time management, all of which have been very beneficial and played a role in establishing the professional I am today".

-Marissa Johnson, 2014 Graduate in Social Work