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About College Positive Volunteers

Saginaw Valley State University has made it a priority to collaborate with college students as peer mentors in providing leadership skills to students. In doing so, the College Positive Volunteer (CPV) Program is an integral part of the MI GEAR UP SVSU’s partnership with the Saginaw Public School District. This collaborative effort enhances the educational opportunities and experiences of the students within the school system.   College & Career Workshops, Mentorship and Tutorial Services are provided to SVSU GEAR UP students as follows:

Arthur Hill High School: Monday & Tuesday 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
     Saginaw High School: Wednesday & Thursday 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM

As a college access program, CPV reflects efforts to increase the college enrollment and success for all students, and especially underrepresented students, by providing them with support and information about college preparation, paying for college, career selection, financial resources, etc. CPVs act as ambassadors of higher education when serving with youth, exposing them to college options, resources and materials to be successful in the college exploration and application process. 

Learn more about the College Positive Program! What is College Positive Volunteerism?

Learn more about CPV's

Learn more about CPV

SVSU's College Positive Volunteers are trained and prepared to provide services to the MI GEAR UP students!  Learn More About Your CPV (183kB)