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Welcome to Math 082 Course Page


*Math 082 sections 8, 18,  and 20 are not using the same syllabus as the other sections. Do not use this web page  for those sections of Math 082. To learn more about these alternative format sections, click here.

Be sure you use the syllabus link for the days that your class meets.

The syllabus contains course policies and grading information as well as the homework list, course schedule, and MyMathLab registration instructions. They do not contain instructor information for the instructor of your section. The syllabi for Monday-Wednesday classes and Tuesday-Thursday classes are the same except for the schedule.

Math 082 Syllabus-Monday-Wednesday (124kB)

Math 082 Syllabus - Tuesday-Thursday (161kB)


Homework Exercises (49kB)

MyMathLab Registration Instructions (68kB)

Test Reviews

Test Review Sessions

Dates and times for Test Review Sessions for Fall 2016 are not yet determined.

Test Review Practice Problems

Click on a link below for extra practice problems for the Math 082 Tests.

Test 1 Practice Problems (590kB)

Test 1 Practice Solutions (569kB)

Test 2 Practice Problems (533kB)

Test 2 Practice Solutions (928kB)

Test 3 Practice Problems (457kB)

Test 3 Practice Solutions (746kB)

Test 4 Practice Problems (459kB)

Test 4 Practice Solutions (352kB)

Final Practice Problems (781kB)

Final Practice Solutions (4,254kB)

 The Math Department's final exam review for Winter 2013 and answers to the review are provided below. 

Math 082 Winter 2013 Final Exam Review (1,307kB)

Math 082 Winter 2013 Final Review Answers (848kB)

Selected Solutions MA082 WI 2013 Final Exam Review (90kB)