Affinity Housing Criteria & Timeline

Program Details:

  • Proposals must include (at a minimum) all information below and must be submitted electronically to the Office of Residential Life by noon, February 8, 2013.  All proposals are to be submitted electronically to
  • Groups will be notified of their application status by 4pm, Monday, February 11, 2013.
  • Once the selected Affinity groups are announced, individual student members must make a commitment to living in Affinity Housing by submitting their housing applications and the $200 prepayment by February 15, 2013.  The receipts and completed application materials are to be turned in to the Office of Housing Operations (Curtiss 118) as a group (cohort) with the roommate groupings attached. 
  • A minimum of eight members, in gender groupings of four (4), is  required at the time the proposal is submitted.  Additional membership must occur in multiples of four by gender and be included in the proposal.  All group members requesting Affinity Housing must be current residential students who are eligible for campus housing.  If students from your group do not fulfill their housing contract, the vacancies may be filled at the discretion of Housing Operations.  
  • Participation in Affinity Housing one year does not afford priority housing for future years.
  • SVSU reserves the right to dedicate an appropriate number of housing spaces to Affinity Housing.

 Due to limited space and demand for this housing option, selection of Affinity groups will be competitive and selective.  Proposals will be evaluated based on quality and completion of proposal criteria.

Proposal Criteria:

  • Name and description of special interest group.
  • Contact person information to include: name, phone number and email.
  • Administrative staff providing oversight or other advisor (must be full-time faculty or staff) must send an email to approving proposal and authorizing named members.
  • History of the organization/group (maximum of 1 page).
  • List of individuals committing to Affinity Housing. Student members must provide proof of at least one previous semester of established participation in the special interest group.
  • Charter, Constitution, or program description and promotional information.
  • Outline of student group’s successes and future challenges.  Include any special housing guidelines specific to your organization (i.e.: substance free).     
  • Identify how living in Affinity Housing will contribute to student life at SVSU.
  • State how the special interest group demonstrates its commitment to diversity.
  • List the group’s goals and activities outlined for the year requesting Affinity residency.
  • Define how the student interest group will benefit by Affinity Housing versus not gaining Affinity Housing status.
  • Include an electronic copy of a logo/brand for the organization to be used for signage designating the group’s living units.
  • Identify a group member who will serve as a representative to the community council and provide contact information to include name, phone number and email.  This person will be expected to attend community council meetings.
  • Agree to create a display, describing your organization/group, for one of the bulletin boards in the assigned facility during one month of the academic year.