Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellations: The Resident is obligated to honor the terms of this Contract. You will not be released from your Contract to move to off-campus housing or to commute during the Contract period. The University will release residents if they graduate or participate in an SVSU study abroad program during the contract period.  [ FORM (157kB) ]

Prior to semester occupancy: Cancellations for non-enrollment received in writing prior to the official payment due date for fall or winter semesters, if approved by the University, will incur a $100 contract cancellation charge and may result in a $100 refund of the housing prepayment. Failure to notify Housing Operations in writing by the payment due date will result in a $200 cancellation charge.

Subsequent to semester occupancy: A Resident who withdraws or is academically dismissed from the university will be charged a pro-rated amount for the actual days in residence and a contract cancellation charge of $200. The Resident must comply with Housing Operations check-out procedures in order to complete withdrawal from Saginaw Valley State University.  A Resident failing to follow published check-out procedures may be assessed a $100 improper check-out fee.

Appeals of Contract: The University at its discretion will consider contract releases outside of the aforementioned criteria only if the circumstances are sufficiently extreme or catastrophic in nature.  Requests of this nature must be submitted in writing to Housing Operations and include supporting documentation.  Special requests that are approved will be charged a pro-rated amount for actual days in residence and a contract cancellation charge of $200.  You are not released from the terms and conditions of this Contract due to withdrawal from the University if you re-enroll during the contract period.

Check-In Details, Fall 2014:  Coming August 2014

We encourage students to move in only essentials and bring back bigger items (i.e. furniture) on a weekend visit back home with consent of the roommates for space allocations.  Please bring others to help you and feel free to bring hand carts for hauling heavy items (a limited number of hand carts are provided by the University).  No driving on sidewalks is allowed at any time.

Community Centers: University Village West and Pine Grove Apartments each have a community center to allow groups to gather for programming or meetings.  When these spaces are not reserved, students are welcome to utilize them for study or recreation as there is a TV, game equipment and a kitchen area in each community center.  To reserve one of the community centers, please complete the CommunityCenterReservationForm (430kB)and submit to the Resident Director of the facility at least one week prior to the event.  It is important to review the community center usage guidelines (54kB) before making a reservation to insure the community center will meet your needs.  To find out if space is available, please email

Community Living: On-campus housing is a communal environment.  A resident's success is dependent on being able to interact with others living on campus to foster community development by being an upstanding citizen.  Our residents can benefit by helping each other, reporting inappropriate behaviors, and mediating conflicts.

Damages: Residents are provided with room condition forms to document room/furnishing conditions.  Room condition forms should be submitted within 7 days of occupancy to any unit.  [ FORM (124kB) ]  Residents are liable for actual damage to the unit or any ancillary facility, including furniture, appliances, and equipment, and for maintaining the unit in a safe and sanitary manner.  In the event of such damage, the University will hold each Resident of a unit jointly and severally liable for damage charges, and Resident(s) will be billed accordingly.  Please report any damages immediately so that fault can be determined while occupants are still residing.  List of current damage fines (195kB).

Directory Information: In efforts to protect our residents and comply with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), Housing Operations will not disclose directory information except to students of SVSU.  Students may check Cardinal Direct for room assignment information or give access to the appropriate informed parties.  Students may also elect to remain unlisted by contacting the Registrars Office.

Early Arrival: Early arrival requests will be taken in writing.  If approved, a pro-rated daily charge will be assessed.  [ FORM (94kB) ]

Family/Married Housing: SVSU no longer offers family/married housing at this time.  We encourage students to check the local newspapers for listings in the classified sections.

Furniture Storage: University furnishings are not allowed to be removed from the room.  Extra items may be brought in at the discretion/consent of the roommates.  We encourage students to wait until the Labor Day break to bring back bigger ticket items when moving in for the fall semester.

Guest Housing: During the spring and summer semesters (May - early August), SVSU has vacancies for guests including retirees visiting in Michigan, co-op/intern students, and other camp/conference accommodations.  Vacancies are rarely available during the fall and winter semesters but feel free to contact us for availability.

Late Checkout: Residents may request a late checkout in writing.  If approved, a pro-rated daily charge will be assessed.  [ FORM (75kB) ]

Loft Kits: Loft kits may be ordered to supplement some areas of University housing bed furniture (Living Centers and University Village Efficiencies) using the form (51kB) .  Hand-built lofts are prohibited at SVSU.  The fee associated with the loft kit request is non-refundable once delivered.  Students are responsible for loft kit assembly and tear down.


Mail is delivered Monday – Friday by 4:30pm. The University does not participate in Saturday delivery like other Michigan residents. Mail/packages may take extra delivery time as we participate in a central mailing operation with Delta College using the “48710” zip code.

Typically, your school address is not your permanent address; therefore, residents cannot complete a change of address form through the United States Postal System.
Changing your address:
• Notify each business or personal acquaintance
• Notify the Office of the Registrar of your permanent address
• Mail is returned to sender upon vacating

Packages are delivered Monday – Friday by 4:30pm. The University does not participate in Saturday delivery like other Michigan residents. Packages may take longer to reach students so express shipping is not recommended. Express shipping charges only guarantee drop shipments at the University and not to the end user, which may take extra days to reach a student. However, students can utilize Housing to try to expedite urgent package delivery. Students will be notified with a pick-up slip in their mailbox once packages have been received by Housing.

Mailing Address:
Complex, Building, and Room Number (*see below)
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710

*Example of how to address:

  • First Year Suites A-1A
  • Living Center North 101A
  • Living Center South 1101A
  • Living Center Southwest 2101A
  • University Village 405-1A
  • Pine Grove 7570-1A

Mail/packages will only be delivered to students residing on campus.  Housing does not forward mail/packages.  Make sure address changes are filed with the Registrars office and/or the outside entity.

Mattress Dimensions: Mattresses are 36" x 80"; also called extra long twin.  Promotions may be sent for purchasing sheet sets by student organizations as a fundraising event; however, most retailers carry college sheets.

Meal Plan/Dining Options: Freshmen are required to be on a meal plan regardless of room placement.  Upperclass students do not have a mandatory meal plan but may elect to purchase one for convenience and sales tax savings.   Combination plans are comprised of declining balance dollars (DBs) and a meal swipe component.  Declining balance dollars are accepted at any Campus Dining location, including the C-store.  Unexpended declining balance dollars roll over from fall to winter.  Meals per week must be used in the period designated.  Meal changes are allowed during the first 10 days of each semester.  All meal plan balances are forfeited at the end of the winter term. 

Parent/Guardian Concerns: As part of our FERPA guidelines, information is very limited that can be shared with parents/guardians.  We will work with you to empower your student to become an active voice in his or her collegiate experience.  Students who want parental/guardian involvement can give you access to records through Cardinal Direct or by communicating and updating you on important topics in person.  Feel free to contact us for procedural items; we cannot disclose specific account information.

Parking/Vehicle Registration: All students are welcome to bring a vehicle to campus.  Registration must be completed for a parking permit including a driver's license and registration through University Police.  There is no charge at this time.  Students must understand that parking is not always available in proximity to their unit.

Payments: Tuition and housing are linked at the University.  Any unpaid balance could result in loss of services including classes and/or housing.  All payments must be made by the published due dates.  We encourage students to check Cardinal Direct for account status information on a regular basis.   All communications are made via the SVSU email account; paper bills are not generated.

Prohibited Items: Students are not allowed to have pets (except non-carnivorous fish), halogen lamps, spider lamps, open element appliances (George Foreman, heating plates, toaster ovens, etc.), open flames (candles, incense, etc.), weapons, firecrackers, and metal-tipped dart boards.  A complete list of items can be found here (138kB) or in the Housing Handbook.

Renter's Insurance: The University has no responsibility for personal possessions of the Resident.  We encourage you to check with your home owner's insurance for additional coverage for students with rental units.

Room Changes: Students may not change rooms until 10 days after the semester commences.  Requests can be submitted through your Resident Director.  Email requests may be sent to switch before moving in pending space availability.

Roommates: In order for roommate requests to be considered, all prospective roommates must request each other on their respective applications.  You may also email any updates of preferences.  The applicant and all potential roommates need to submit their housing applications early and on/about the same date to be considered.  Students in special programs may not have preferences honored due to community limitations by the advisor.  It is not possible to honor all requests, although every attempt will be made to do so.  Final determination of room assignments rests with the University.

SVSU does not make room assignments and will not consider room changes based on race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical impairment, disability or veteran status.

Staff Contact - RAs on Duty: Resident Assistants are on duty when the offices are closed.  You can reach an RA on duty Monday-Thursday from 4:30pm-8am and Friday 4:30pm-Monday 8am on the duty phone.  RAs are able to assist with lock outs, roommate issues, policy violations, campus resources and more.  If you do not reach the RA on the duty phone, please leave a message and your call will be returned shortly.  If you have an emergency, call 989-964-4141 for University Police or 911.

First Year Suites: 989-964-2988

Living Center North: 989-964-2987

Living Center Southwest: 989-964-2986

Pine Grove: 989-964-2985

Southeast Community (LCS & UVE): 989-964-2983

University Village West: 989-964-2984

For assistance during business hours, please call the office: Housing: 989-964-4255 or Residential Life: 989-964-4410.

Telephone/Courtesy Phones/Cell Phones: Courtesy phones are provided in all freshman residential areas in public areas and corridors.  Local telephone service is provided at courtesy phones, and long distance calls can be made using toll-free calling options (calling cards).  Residents using cell phones may experience limited service capabilities inside academic or residential units.

Emergencies:  DIAL 9-911 AT ALL TIMES! Students in a state of emergency can always dial 911 from a cell phone or 9-911 from the courtesy phones.  In the event cell phone service is limited, students can also utilize the wireless or wired connectivity in their rooms through the use of a personal computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. and email 911(at)

On-Campus Calls:  dial the last four (4) digits.     Example:  Housing x4255

Local off-campus calls (Saginaw, Bay City, Midland):   dial nine (9) first     Example:  9 – 964 – 4255

Long distance calls (outside the tri-city area), dial nine (9) first and then follow calling card directions.  Long distance service requires a calling card.

Contacting Students: If you have a relative or friend who needs to contact you in an emergency, you can have them call University Police at (989) 964-4141.  For non-emergency related items, you can direct them to Housing Operations at (989) 964-4255 during business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm.  For after business hours, you will want to provide the RA on-duty cell phone number.

Things to Bring:

Blankets Toiletries
Pillow Tissue, Napkins, Paper Towels
Mattress Pad/Sheets (36" x 80") Camera
Towels and Washcloths Flashlight
Hair Care and Soap Fan (for white noise)
Bathing Suit and Towel Contact Information (family/friends)
Cleaning Supplies Desk Supplies
Laundry Detergent/Fabric Softener TV/DVD Player
Sports Equipment Gaming Systems
Extension Cords/Surge Protectors Computer and cables
Co-ax cable (for cable TV) Pictures/Mementos
Clock Radio (with battery back-up) Pots, pans, dishes, utensils
Food/Snacks Mop, Broom, Vacuum
Laundry Basket

Resident Assistant Staff

Resident Assistants are part-time, student employees who live in assigned areas of SVSU housing areas. R.A.s are required to get to know residents, assist residents in getting to know each other, communicate a sense of outreach in order to address the needs of residents and promote accountability among residents for their participation and care for the community. Events and programs are sponsored by the R.A. during the year that are open to all individuals in their house/floor/area. The R.A. is supervised by the Resident Director.

How to become a Resident Assistant? Resident Assistants are hired for an academic year.  Each year we accept applications for the RA positions.  The financial compensation that an RA receives is equal to the cost of housing and a board plan and it issued in the form of a scholarship.  To be eligible to apply, students must meet the minimum qualifications listed below: 

  • Be currently enrolled at SVSU
  • Have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at time of application
  • Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at time of application
  • Demonstrated high level of integrity and moral/ethical standards
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and abilities
  • Must limit additional on-campus work/employment obligations to a maximum of 15 hours per week
  • Off-campus work/employment is not permitted
If you are interested in a position, or want more information, please contact Greg Behe at