Residential Life Conduct Procedures

The Process

Students residing in University Housing are subject to the Code of Student Conduct , various policies described in the Resident Student Handbook,  University Housing Contract and/or other standards of behavior otherwise published by the offices of Housing and Residential Life.

Reports of violations can be submitted by students, faculty or staff to the residential life staff, the Office of Housing and Residential Life, Student Conduct Programs or University Police.  The reported incident will be evaluated and referred to an appropriate University student conduct process.

Most behavioral matters are reviewed and adjudicated by the Resident Director of each respective residential community.  Sanctions are most often developmental and educational.

Opportunities are available for students interested in becoming involved in hearing boards.  The boards are coordinated by the Coordinator of Student Conduct Programs.  Contact Marie Rabideau, Coordinator of Student Conduct Programs, Curtiss 114, ext. 2220, for questions about conduct procedures or interest in hearing boards.

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