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Literacy Link is a campus publication that began in the winter of 1992 with the support of Dr. Robert Yien and the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  It started as a place for teachers from all disciplines to share essays on their own literacy practices and experiences. Editors Sally Cannon and Jenny Senft, in the first issue of Literacy Link, focused on three key areas of literacy: writing, reading, and thinking. Over the years, professors from departments across campus have added  to the conversation. For example, members of the Mathematics Department and the Criminal Justice Department have contributed articles on career literacy, members of the English Language Program have written on language development and the hurdles of writing in a second language, and members of the English Department and the Chemistry Department focused on effective research on student literacy. Collectively, Literacy Link’s contributors discuss teaching practices, student comprehension, and writing standards in various disciplines, as well as using writing as a teaching tool. The discussion has also grown to include the perspectives of individuals from other student services at SVSU, such as Zahnow Library, the Writing Center, and the Mathematics Resource Center, as well as student experiences connected with their own literacy initiatives.

The diligence of previous editors Sally Cannon, Jenny Senft, Jim Geistman, and Lynne Graft and current editors Helen Raica-Klotz, and Christopher Giroux, with the ongoing support of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, have continued the Literacy Link effort to provide conversations about our diverse definitions of literacy.

Literacy Link is published two times per academic year.

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