Canvas: Modules

This workshop covers the Modules tool, which is used to organize course content.



Create Video Lectures on SVSU's Lightboard or Surface Studio Using Echo360

Use one-button recording of a Lightboard where you can light up your content and work out a formula or other hand-written course content.



Canvas: New Gradebook

New features include filtering, rearranging columns, and setting up automatic missing and late policies.



Use Microsoft Stream to Share and Tag Media

Microsoft Stream is a video streaming service that makes the process of creating, uploading, sharing, and tagging videos incredibly easy.



Canvas: An Introduction

This workshop covers the basics of Canvas and is meant to give users a solid foundation for beginning to work in the system.



Echo360: Introduction

Record what is on your computer screen, audio, even use a webcam using Universal Capture Personal.

The Support Center provides help desk and technical support for all University-owned computers and computer labs, as well as support for SVSU faculty, staff, students, and alumni.  

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