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MFA, Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA helps ensure a user's identity when attempting to use SVSU software and systems.  It requires SVSU users to present two pieces of evidence when logging in to any SVSU system.  One piece of evidence will be the SVSU username and password.  Users will choose the other method of evidence, or authentication, that best fits their lifestyle, from the available options.  Without authentication, your log in will fail.

Change your MFA account settings at .

Smartphone users:  The Outlook email app is the only email app that ITS supports using with MFA.  iOS and Android users will not be able to use their native email apps after MFA is enabled.

Mobile App Users: Should you get a new phone, you will need to install and re-activate the Microsoft Authenticator app. Please review your security questions and answers before purchasing a new phone as you will need this information to activate the Mobile App.

Who is required to use MFA?
Why is MFA required at SVSU?
When will I be prompted to use MFA?
How do I activate MFA on my SVSU account?
What is the recommended method of authentication?
What are the method options of authentication?
What if I don't have my phone or Oath Token with me when trying to log in, or I don't receive the notification?
Do I need a smartphone to use MFA?
Where can I get an Oath Token?
How do I install the Mobile App?
How long does my authentication apply?
Will I be prompted for MFA in a private browser session?
If I click a link in an email message, and another browser tab or window opens, will I be prompted to authenticate my account?
Will my account stay authenticated if I log in on another computer?
I am unable to get email on my smartphone after setting up MFA. What do I do?
I am locked out of my SVSU account? What do I do?